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Sunday Morning Linkage

Jeff Duncan of the Times-Pic just wrote an article this morning called "There's a change in the air with the New Orleans Saints." He's starting to get optimistic and it doesn't sound like the cautious kind. 

So far the pieces to the puzzle appear to be falling into place. Something tells me the Saints defense is going to look drastically different next week than it did a year ago.

And I think everyone agrees that will be a good thing.


Calm down Jeff, don't fall into that trap. Remember who you're dealing with here. It's way too early for this crap. 

The Times-Pic also had another article regarding Darren Sharpers visit on Monday. No wait, that's just what the title of the article would have you believe. Most of the article is really about the Stinchcomb signing. Here are the quotables. 

"Like I said several weeks ago, this is the first year we really bumped up against the cap, so we've got to be careful about how we manage that,"

-Mickey Loomis

"We had discussions with other teams, but to be honest, they weren't compelling enough for me to want to leave New Orleans, even if it was more money,"

-Jon Stinchcomb

"This was my first priority. If we could find something we both felt comfortable with, that's what I really wanted to do,"

-Jon Stinchcomb

"I feel like my work is not done in New Orleans, on a number of levels, on the playing field and in the community," said Stinchcomb, who has started every game at right tackle for the Saints since 2006 and was the team's Walter Payton Man of the Year in 2008. "The first thing is, I've got a loyalty to my teammates and that group of guys. And just playing with (quarterback Drew Brees), obviously I've started for three years, since he got here, and the opportunity to work with him for five more years is very exciting. And also the fans, the loyalty that they've shown."

-Jon Stinchcomb


Before you get your hopes up regarding Darren Sharpers free agent visit, keep in mind he will be visiting other teams as well. Word on the street - and by street I mean SB Nation - is that he will also be visiting his NFC North rival the Chicago Bears.