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Taking Delight in Other People's Pain

You all know I've never been able to pass up a chance to get a good Zing! on former Saints safety Josh Bullocks. Mmmm...."former"...that feels nice to type. I took a quick trip over to SB Nation's Chicago Bears blog, Windy City Gridiron to see what kind of reaction they were having about the signing of their newest safety. Here are a few of my favorite comments. I hope you enjoy this as much as I do.

This guy

couldn’t cover a loaf of bread if he were given a tarp and a bag of bungees.

-Just Dave

I changed my mind...

from the other thread I thought he might actually be good. From that video, this guy should be parking my car or bagging my groceries. But you get what you pay for…


Ugh We could signed someone better.

Come on! We are useless at free agency.


All this while

I am writing my check for season tickets and paying $108 per preseason game…


But If there was ever something that was going to make Chuck Norris cry. It just might be Bears Management and Ownership.


Just what we need

a player that couldn’t start for maybe the worst pass defense in the NFL..I am sure our defense coordinators can turn him around..


The Mona Vie I was drinking just came pouring out of my nose I am laughing so hard. This has probaby been my favorite move by the Saints during this free agency period. It's one thing to make your own team better. But to make your mortal enemies worse, well that's just genius. Excellent work Payton and Loomis.

Take a trip over to Windy City Gridiron and help make them feel better. If that's possible.