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Canal Street Chronicles Puts Out All Points Bulletin

Where were you on Thursday night!?

Canal Street Chronicles is on the lookout for a Saints fan responsible for the robbery that took place Thursday night at the Spinx gas station at 100 West Wade Hampton Blvd. in Greer, South Carolina.

A ski hat was later located in front of the Greer Flooring Center on North Highway 14 that was identified as the hat the suspect was wearing. A New Orleans Saints logo was located on the inside of it, the report said.

Wait a minute...the logo was on the inside of the hat? This guy was hiding his Who Dat pride. The suspect was short and to the point as he approached the counter and said...

"gimme all the tens,"

But that a hammer in his pocket or was he just happy to see the teller?

...the man had a bulge in his pocket the employee thought was possibly a gun.

When the suspect reached across the counter, the employee could see that the bulge was actually a black handled hammer with a metal head...

If this was a Canal Street Chronicles reader or you have any information regarding this incident please contact your local authorities.

In a possibly related story, Martin Gramatica has not been seen for days.