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CSC Community Guidelines


Rules and Community Guidelines

  • No profanity. Hell, damn and anything allowed on primetime network television are acceptable on an occasional basis. Nothing else. If you really feel you need to use a bad word, the only acceptable way to do so is using the first letter and truncating the rest of the word, i.e. "s---." The rules of tastefulness also apply to your avatars and signatures.
  • Never attack another member on a  personal level. That doesn't have to do with anything. You don't have to agree with everything that everyone says but you have to disagree with them in a respectful way. That's the fun in this whole thing. 
  • Spamming and trolling is strictly forbidden. Nobody here is interested in what you're selling. Don't create multiple accounts for the purpose of avoidance. If you've got your own Saints website and you want feedback or to share, that is totally cool. Share it with us in a FanShot or FanPost. That is why they are there. 
  • Stay away from hot-button topics like race, religion and politics unless it is inherently related to the Saints.
  • When quoting a source in a FanPost or FanShot, do not copy and paste the entire article. Just pick one or two parts you find signficant and quote those. Than link to the article. Whenever referencing a source, always provide the link. When posting a FanShot, do a quick check first to make sure that same link hasn't already been posted. In the case of duplicates, the earliest time stamped FanShot will be kept. The rest will be deleted. 
  • You are not allowed to plagiarize anyone else's work for any reason whatsoever. 
  • If you find yourself trying to fill space with pointless babble and "WHO DAT!? WHO DAT!?  WHO DAT!?  WHO DAT!?  WHO DAT!?  WHO DAT!?" at the end of your FanPost just to meet the 75 word minimum, it probably isn't meant to be a FanPost. If an article, video or picture is what you really want to share, try using a FanShot. You can still incorporate your own thoughts that way.
  • Any comments that break these rules will be deleted as well as all subsequent comments made in reply. That means you are responsible for other peoples comments too, so don't ruin it for everyone else. We do not have the ability to edit comments so don't write some long, well-written comment and then ruin by saying something stupid, because it will all be lost.  
  • All of these rules should be followed on other blogs you visit. Interacting with other communities is strongly encouraged but you still represent us here at Canal Street Chronicles as well as Saints fans the world over. Don't give us a bad name.  
  • Knowing is half the battle. You are expected to know all of these rules. You will be warned for first offenses and could be banned for repeated offenses. 
  • Myself and the Moderators will be enforcing all of these rules at all times. 
  • I reserve the right to create, delete and/or amend any and all of these rules. I also reserve the right to do anything I want. 
  • For help and how to use the awesome features given to us here, it can be found right here in the posts contained in our Tour of CSC section. You are strongly encouraged to read them.