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Saints Patrick Day Limericks


In continuing with my usual tradition of writing holiday related posts, I came up with a few Irish limericks about the Saints that I thought you guys might find funny. After reading them, feel free to share your own Saints limericks with us in the comment section. They're fun and easy!


The Saints had a DC named Gibbs

To say he was good is a fib

They gave him the axe

No doubt via fax

Then the Chiefs were the first to call dibbs




With just one month left til the draft

The experts have all got it graphed

The Saints can repair

But it's still in the air

Let's just all hope they don't get the shaft    




The New Orleans Saints defense was bad

But Jabari was sure to be had

Now they want Sharper

To go with their Harper

Hope next year won't make us so mad




There once was a man named Josh Bullocks

He'd always get beat from his jocks

Now he's a Bear

In the cold Chi-town air

Let their fans continue to mock