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Saints Sign Safety Darren Sharper. Heck Yeah!

Per the Times-Pic.

The Saints have agreed to the long-anticipated deal with free agent safety Darren Sharper, his agent Joel Segal confirmed. Terms of the deal were not available.

"We're looking forward to bringing in a veteran of his experience," Saints Coach Sean Payton said.

"He's a guy that obviously we spent a lot of time on, and we're excited that we could add him to the mix on defense to help improve our secondary play," Payton said. "He is a player with extremely good ball skills. We'll see if he handles that (quarterback of the defense) role for us. But certainly his experience is going to help."

-Sean Payton

"Darren had multiple suitors, but clearly throughout the process, the Saints were his first choice," said Sharper's agent, Joel Segal. "He sees a strong opportunity to win and is excited by the personnel and the coaching staff."

-Joel Segal

Well it's about damn time! Thanks to Satchmo26 who, as usual, was the first to get this up.

This means that the Saints have already addressed their two biggest needs, cornerback and safety, during the free agency period. I've got to say that though I will still remain cautiously optimistic throughout the off-season, I am very proud of the front office for yet again realizing the teams deficiencies and attacking them head on. Excellent work so far.

This, of course, also means that anything now goes during the draft and all bets are off as far as who fans think the Saints will pick. Don't be surprised to see the Saints pick a wide receiver or quarterback with their first round pick.

I'd kidding...I think.

[Updated, 03/18/09 7:20 PM CDT]