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Saints Cut CB Mike McKenzie

Per the Times-Pic

"Decisions such as these are the hardest to make in this business," Saints General Manager Mickey Loomis said in a statement. "Mike has been a standout performer for the Saints both on and off the field during his career with the Saints. We wish him well in his future and thank him for all of his efforts representing the Saints."

Thanks to YESSaints for putting the FanShot up first!

We knew this was coming. The Saints have been spending money like drunken sailors during free agency and being so close to the cap, it was inevitable that some of the fat would need to be trimmed. Chances are this won't be the last well-liked Saints player to be cut this off-season. Brian Young...I'm looking at you.

So much for seeing McKenzie being reunited with former Green Bay Packer safety Darren Sharper. But it's for the better...right?

Thank you Mike McKenzie for being the only bright spot on this Saints secondary during the last few years. Good luck with your knee.