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The Latest Addition to the Memorabilia Collection

Every year my fiance's high school (get your mind out of the gutter...she works there) has a dinner/auction to help raise money for the year. It's actually a pretty cool setup with quite a few nice items to bid on and quality grub from local restaurants. Can you get a bad meal in New Orleans? I digress.

The best thing up for grabs this year was an autographed football signed by Peyton, Eli and everyone's favorite, Archie Manning. My future father-in-law, always willing to support a good cause (the school gets money too!), put a nice bid on the ball with my birthday (November 11th) in mind. Thus, I am now the proud owner of the little beauty you can see after the jump.

So to Joe, thanks so much. You're the man. To the rest of you, please step're getting drool all over my ball.