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Canal Street Chronicles Reader Survey and Open Thread

In my continued effort to make CSC the best blog in the world, I am looking for input from you, the readers. If there is anything you've ever wanted to see here on Da Chronic now is your chance to let us know. 

One popular concept that many blogs start up this time of year is a community mock draft. CSC readers who are interested would each by assigned an NFL team to represent in a mock draft. When their team is on the clock, they are responsible for doing a little research and e-mailing me a short write-up about who you chose for your team and why. Another area CSC could possibly expand into is the world of podcasting. Would you like to see me do a weekly Saints podcast? Perhaps there a certain post or series of posts you would like to see me write? Let me know what you've always thought we should be discussing. I suggest taking a look around at some of the other SB Nation blogs and seeing if any of them do something you find interesting that you might like us to try. 

Leave any comments and/or suggestions.