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Deuce McAllister to Start Working Out for NFL Teams

Deja Vu?


Just ran across this article from Mississippi's Clarion Ledger. They spoke with Deuce recently and got an update on his plans for the near future. 

McAllister will start running again in two weeks.

"The plan is to be able to work out for NFL teams prior to the NFL draft (April 25-26)," McAllister said. "They'll want to see what I can do and by then I'll be ready to show them."

The plan is for one workout, either in Durham or Oxford, with all interested teams invited.

The news is really starting to come at a snails pace at this point in the off-season so I try and get my kicks any way I can. One of them is going to be rooting for Deuce to land with another team this year. This article is the first I've read that offers any kind of timetable for The Return of Dulymus. I'm excited for the guy. Deuce Watch is officially on!