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CSC Welcomes New Sports Illustrated Readers

I honestly can't believe I am writing yet another one of these introductory posts, welcoming tons of new readers so shortly after I just wrote one for our big Yahoo! merge but, alas, here I am.

If you are just now finding us here on Da Chronic via Sports Illustrated's website, welcome to the party! You've missed a lot. An entire years worth actually. But don't worry, you can catch up by checking out our archives. In short, you have just found the greatest website devoted to your favorite NFL team, the New Orleans Saints.

I will spare everyone the long-winded introduction speech but if this is your first visit, be sure to read my official introduction right here. When you're finished reading, sign up for an account, make a cool name, upload your favorite avatar and join in all the Saints talk. It will be worth it...I promise.