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Saints to Play Another International Game?

Just ran across this article by Vic Carucci over at As many of you know, in a continued effort to expand their influence to all corners of the world , the NFL has already made the decision to host one Buffalo Bills game in nearby Toronto this season. The only question that remains is what team the Bills will play. The leading contender up to this point had been the Indianapolis Colts.

However, the NFL appears to be leaning more strongly in the direction of choosing an NFC team, such as the Buccaneers (who have yet to settle on a starting quarterback) or perhaps the New Orleans Saints, who have Pro Bowler Drew Brees under center. At least one other unknown team is believed to be on the short list.

First of all, the Bills home opponents for the 2009 season are the Buccaneers, Colts, Dolphins, Jets, Patriots, Saints, Texans and an AFC North opponent still to be determined. If you'll notice, there are only two NFC teams on that list, the Saints and the Bucs.

But Tampa Bay is already playing the International Series game in London this year against the Patriots. While they could certainly do both, I don't see the NFL putting all their eggs in one basket like that. I also think the Bucs organization might not be so keen on the idea. Of course we don't know what that other unknown team might be but if the league really is "leaning more strongly in the direction of an NFC team" that leaves only the New Orleans Saints. Plus, the Saints gave London and the league exactly what they wanted in last years International Series game - a high scoring game led by a high-powered offensive attack. Surely, they would love to see some more of that in Toronto. You do the math

As far as the effect it would have on our team, I don't really see much of a problem. Toronto and Buffalo are close enough and it's nothing like crossing the Atlantic. As far as weather is it really any colder in Toronto than in Buffalo?

I'm already looking at airfare.