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CSC Community Mock Draft Open Thread

It's time to get the ball rolling on our community mock draft here at Canal Street Chronicles. Here is what I've got so far. 

Team Member
Detroit Lions MT_Always
St. Louis Rams DeuceisLoose926
Kansas City Chiefs Satchmo26
Seattle Seahawks MobileSaint
Cleveland Browns YESSaints
Cincinnati Bengals Big and Easy
Oakland Raiders FriarBob
Jacksonville Jaguars Drunk Monkeys
Green Bay Packers Sean McG
San Francisco 49ers Steve the fan
Buffalo Bills BlackandGold4ever
Denver Broncos Hustl504
Washington Redskins natde1016
New Orleans Saints Saintsational
Houston Texans diesel0722
San Diego Chargers Walter FTW
NY Jets MobileSaint
Chicago Bears YESSaints
Tampa Bay Bucaneers Steve the fan
Detroit Lions  MT_Always
Philadelphia Eagles MtnExile
Minnesota Vikings DeuceisLoose926
New England Patriots Hustl504
Atlanta Falcons Dave the Falconer
Miami Dolphins jful
Baltimore Ravens Satchmo26
Indianapolis Colts Walter FTW
Philadelphia Eagles MtnExile
NY Giants Sir Saint
Tennessee Titans RealSaint
Arizona Cardinals Drunk Monkeys
Pittsburgh Steelers Saint Nupe

Anyone who asked to have a specific team got it. I am taking the Saints to keep everything fair. We didn't get enough feedback to have just one person to a team so some readers have two teams. Please let me know if you DON'T want two teams. Also, if there are any other problems you have with this list than let me know. As soon as everything is settled, we can get started. Anyone else out there still interested, speak now or forever hold your peace. 

[Note by Saintsational, 03/26/09 2:41 PM CDT ] Updated. Gave RealSaint the Titans.

[Note by Saintsational, 03/26/09 5:16 PM CDT ] Updated. Gave Sir Saint the NY Giants.