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Mike McKenzie States Obvious. Says Knee is Fine

The Times-Pic just posted a quick little update on Saints cornerback Mike McKenzie and the status of his once fractured knee. Apparently, MM is going to be just fine.

He said his health is "great"

That's wonderful news and all but what the hell would you expect him to say. McKenzie ain't getting any younger and he is coming off two straight seasons with knee injuries. Now, here we are in the middle of free agency and the Saints have a revolving door of top-tier free agent cornerbacks coming and going, one of whom could very well make McKenzie obsolete if he isn't healty. He's also got a hefty contract with a team pressed against the cap that won't be in the Saints favor if McKenzie can't contribute as much as he's worth.

It doesn't matter how Mike's knee is really feeling or what the status of his health is because all you'll hear from him his how great life is. It will be a cold day in hell if a Times-Pic article is ever titled, "McKenzie says he's never felt worse. Asks team for limited role in 2009."

I'm thinking Mike McKenzie, along with Mike Karney and Kevin Kaesviharn, are probably getting a little nervous right about now.