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Jonathan Vilma's Condo Location of Double Murder

By now this morning we've already heard the reports about the goings on at Jonathan Vilma's Woodbury, NY condominiium. The NY Post broke the story...

Cops are investigating whether two Bronx immigrants were executed in former Jet linebacker Jonathan Vilma's million-dollar Long Island condo before their bodies were dumped in Brooklyn and Queens, sources said yesterday.

The men, including one who iden tified himself as Vilma's cousin, had everything they needed to enter the 99-unit luxury compound -- the password, the electronic gate opener and the keys to Vilma's home

Shortly after midnight Thursday, two men tossed the body of a man believed to be one of the victims, identified by police sources as Bronx cabby Sekou Sakor, 31, into Jamaica Bay from the Paerdegat Bridge in Canarsie. He had been shot once in the head.

Several hours later, cops found the body of a man thought to be the second victim, identified as Ansu Keita, 32, also of The Bronx, in a weed-strewn lot in South Ozone Park. He, too, died of a single gunshot to the head.

More details from FOX Sports...

Browne said investigators believe the victims may have been mixed up in a so-called "black money" scheme. Victims are sent e-mails saying that cash smuggled from overseas — stained black to avoid detection — can be purchased at a discount; what they receive is a trunk full of worthless paper.

I am asking cooler heads to prevail on this one. Comparisons are already being made between Vilma and Michael Vick and that is just absurd. We need to all wait for more details to come out about this incident before starting to throw out hints and allegations.

Though there is no denying that the execution-style murders took place it is important to keep in mind the source. For those of you who may not be familiar with the NY Post, it is the newspaper version of Pro Football Talk. They sensationalize (Saintsationalize?) otherwise serious stories to puff them up and give them more interest. They love nothing more than to be able to associate a dirty deed with someone everyone knows and loves.

Let's wait on this one.