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CSC Public Service Announcement

Got to admit, it's getting better. Getting better, all the time.  

Ladies and gentleman, today I would like to announce a a couple of additions to the CSC team. You may have already noticed the upgrades down in the masthead (not a dirty word, I swear) at the very bottom of the page but this post serves as a formal introduction. 

Starting later this afternoon you'll be able to read the first post from CSC's newest front page contributor, MtnExile (not to be confused with his twin, MT_Always. Both arrived on the scene curiously at the same time). In an effort to bring you guys more quality content with greater depth, I thought M-E would be the perfect solution. He has been with us quite a while and he's consistently put together well researched and well written FanPosts and comments. This, of course, he can credit to his past experiences with the MSM and it makes him well qualified for the job. I know you will all enjoy it and will now have to check back even more often than you already do. M-E will be kicking off his career here with our "Who Dat Draft Prospect" series, which will take a look at all of the Saints possible draft picks. By the time MtnExile is done with these, you will all be draft gurus and have no reason to think the Saints should draft Michael Crabtree. I've already read some of his stuff and it's great. I consider M-E to be a real meat and potatoes kinda guy and so his posts are just chock full of knowledge nuggets. I think this is the kind of stuff we will mostly see from him but he is more than welcome to write about whatever he darn well feels about, whenever he darn well feels like it. MtnExile has been one of CSC's most valuable members and he's here every day making this site better. I figured it was only right to allow him a slightly taller platform from which to express his voice. But remember...with great power, comes great responsibility. Thanks for everything M-E. Have fun. 

And I can't forget the new sherrif in town, Stujo4. Stu is the first serious CSC member that I can recall. He's been with us since the very early days and I am pretty sure we haven't gone one day without hearing from him. You may know him from such memorable comments as "Gaaa," "GAAA" and his most famous comment to date..."GAAAAAAA!!!" Since he's hooked on Da Chronic (and showing no signs of stopping) I figured no better person to moderate and keep things fair and friendly around here. With lots of new members joining in on our great community every day, I will need help making sure everything runs smoothly. Being a moderator will give Stu the power to delete comments, warn users and even ban your naughty behind. So keep it clean. We'll be talking more about community guidelines in the near future. I admit I have been somewhat lax on language and for the most part you guys aren't so bad. But I think we should try and clean it up a bit. I would like your children (or your imaginary children) to be able to read this. Congrats Stu! You've earned it and I thank you for helping create all of this. You really deserve some credit. I remember the days when you were the only one commenting on my posts and open threads. Seriously...thank you. 

Also, thanks to everyone else out there who has made this website what it is. It's because of you guys that I even do any of this. We've got a big birthday coming up soon so I will save all the mushy crap for then but I just wanted to make sure you losers knew how I felt about you.

I would like to now open this up to the rest of you for any kind words and congratulations you may have for M-E and Stu or just to voice your feelings about or new upgrade. And always remember that as CSC continues to expand there may be opportunities for other members to make the jump so stay active and show us your stuff.