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Saints 2009 Draft: Assume Your Position

Before the off-season started the consensus among Saints fans was that the secondary was the teams most glaring need to fill this off-season. With the signing of two safeties and a cornerback via free agency the door to possible draft options has now swung wide open. Now ss we near the draft at the end of the month it is becoming abundantly clear that Saints fans aren't divided over which player to draft so much as they are about which position. Sure there are a few different players to choose from at each position that might cause a little friction but it's the debate over which position that is most heated. For every two Saints fans arguing over Knowshon and Beanie there is a third fan who thinks they're both crazy for even considering a running back as an option. 

Let's take a quick look at each of the schools of thought for Saints fans in this years draft. When we're done, it'll be your turn to finally state your case and tell us just where you stand on this situation. 



Vontae Davis is out of the picture as a possible draft option leaving only Malcolm Jenkins as the leading draft candidate. It's certainly an acceptable draft scenario but with so many upgrades to the secondary would the Saints continue to add depth - and money - at the position. And is he a safety or a cornerback anyway? Jenkins has been drawing a lot of attention from other teams as a top prospect so this decision may not even be up for debate when #14 roles around.



Upgrading the linebacking corp, more specifically the outside spot, seems the next likely direction for the Saints to go if Malcolm Jenkins isn't on the board anymore and they really are commited to fixing the defense. There are a few candidates they will probably have the option of choosing from including Brian Cushing, Clay Matthews and Clint Sintim. 


Running Back

This is the situation I fear most. I'm on the Pierre Thomas bandwagon and I think we've already got our man. But Reggie Bush, while great to have, just isn't that big physical back. He's flashy and finesse. Mike Bell showed some flashes of brilliance late last year but he's just not the answer. If we take a step back for a moment I think we'd all have to admit...there isn't much depth, if at all, in the bruiser running back department behind PT. As Jeff Duncan mentioned, if the Saints don't think there are any defensive players worth grabbing when it's there turn to pick they could very well take a top running back as part of their best player available policy. But, there might also be a team willing to trade to take said running back.    


Defensive Line

Players like Everette Brown and Tyson Jackson might also be possible options for the Saints but defensive line is probably the least area of need for this Saints defense and also the most financially invested. 


Trade Down

My personal favorite. I'm honestly not crazy about any of the draft possibilities this year and I think the Saints would be better served picking up an extra pick or two. Payton and company have been pretty darn good at finding talent in the later rounds, even more reason this option looks attractive. 


We've been talking about all of this for months and now it's finally time for everyone to go on record and officially declare their allegiance. What position do you want to see the Saints address with the first round pick? Leave your choice in the subject heading. If you'd like, feel free to tell us which player at that position you'd like the Saints to pick in the message body of the comment. We'll check back later and see who was right and who was oh so wrong. Where do you stand?

You can officially mark me down for "Trade Down."