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Debbie Downer Actually Writes for the Lafayette Advertiser

Yesterday I wrote an incredibly brilliant and witty (I'm not above it) post regarding the release of the Saints 2009 schedule. If you didn't read it, go ahead and give it a once over. If you did already, it's probably worth a twice over. Reaction about the schedule from around the web was pretty positive from fans and media alike so I sarcastically took the opposite stance through the eyes of SNL character Debbie Downer. I was clever. What I didn't realize was that my post wasn't necessary. I didn't catch this article yesterday but there appears to be a real life Debbie Downer among us here in Who Dat Nation and, as it turns out, he writes for the Lafayette Advertiser.  

While John Deshazier of the Times-Pic was writing this...

But two games on Monday Night Football, and a Saturday night game on the NFL Network, says a lot of good about a Saints team that hasn't been to the playoffs since 2006.

Mainly, it says the TV folks believe the Saints will be contenders this season (all their national games occur over the last two months of the regular season, when the playoff fates are sealed), or they believe the Saints offense will be worth watching again even if the overall record isn't anything to get excited about

...and Pat Yasinskas was writing this...

Does the NFL office know something the rest of us don't? The Saints got three prime time games, the most of any NFC South team. Not bad for a team that finished fourth in the division last year. The league usually tries to speculate on what teams will be good before putting them in prime time. It also doesn't hurt to have the appeal of Drew Brees and Reggie Bush.    

...our resident Debbie Downer put his own spin on it...

The Saints are not scheduled for a single appearance on NBC's prime time "Sunday Night Football." That's a sure sign the network and the league don't expect the Saints, who were 8-8 last season, to be in the top tier this fall.

Of course, with a schedule that includes four games against NFC East teams and four games against AFC East teams, maybe there is a good reason for the network to be pessimistic.

What's your damage, Heather? Apparently Mr. Downer seems to think NBC's "Sunday Night Football" is the only primetime slot worth playing in. The other three primetime games are meaningless. He acknowledges both Monday night games and the Saturday night game but holds out hope for that Sunday night spot, even until the bitter end.

In fact, it could be exciting enough for NBC - which has the option to move games to Sunday night in weeks 11-17 - to pick up a Saints game.

After all, New Orleans is a heck of a place to be for a night game.

But they have three night games!! Maybe I'm being a little harsh here. Surely this guy doesn't get bummed about everything. In fact, he thinks the big game against the Dallas Cowboys will be exciting.

In addition, the Saints will play a Saturday night game on Dec. 19 at home against Dallas on the NFL Network.

That game is sure to be among the most anticipated of the season for Saints fans. 

There ya go! The Saints are gonna kick some Cowboy butt! 

But many fans will be shut out of viewing it since few cable systems in Louisiana carry the NFL Network on basic cable. 

Oh. Hmm...that sucks. Oh well. It's just one game anyway. What about that final stretch for the Saints?

The last six weeks of the season will be interesting - especially if the Saints are in the playoff race - to say the least...

Hell yeah!! The Saints are gonna be in that number! I can't wait until we hit December!

...If the Saints aren't in playoff contention, that will be five long weeks of torture for Saints fans.

Wow. Alright, forget it. I give up. Who is responsible for writing this depressing piece of pessimism anyway? Randy Benson? Hmm, never heard of...wait a minute!