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CSC Community Mock Draft: The Philadelphia Eagles Select...

This pick and analysis was written by CSC member MtnExile. Thank you very much for your participation!

Look Ma! No hands! (Photo Source)

With the twenty-first pick in the Canal Street Chronicles community mock draft, the Philadelphia Eagles select...

Knowshon Moreno, RB, Georgia

With the twenty-first pick in the Canal Street Chronicles community mock draft, the Philadelphia Eagles select...Brian Westbrook.

Er, make that Knowshon Moreno, RB, Georgia. But what they're really doing is re-loading the Westbrook missile launcher.

With the trade for Jason Peters, Philadelphia's offensive line problems appear solved. That leaves Andy Reid in the position of drafting the best available player, and at this spot that player is Moreno. Some would contend that Andy Reid never takes a running back in the first round; but they're only saying that because he never has. And Moreno being available here is just too good to pass up. It's uncanny how much alike Moreno and Westbrook are. They are virtually the same size; Westbrook is just a tad faster in a straight-line race; but both play fast, and both are stronger than you expect them to be. Both play with a non-stop intensity; both are excellent between the tackles and equally excellent catching the ball on screens and in the flats. Moreno could slip into the Eagles' offense seamlessly on the first day--and that's precisely why they choose him here.

Philadelphia is a good team that contends every year, but they do have holes. Their receivers--with the exception of budding star DeSean Jackson--are nondescript, and many mocks have them taking someone like Kenny Britt in this spot--a plausible choice, especially considering that if Moreno is Westbrook, and the Eagles already have Westbrook, they have no need for Moreno.

But the passing game really isn't Philadelphia's problem: the running game is. With receivers like Jason Avant and Kevin Curtisplaying opposite Jackson, they were still able to barely miss being a top-5 passing offense in 2008, with nearly 4,000 yards. The rushing game, though, was anemic: Philadelphia was only 6 yards per game better than the Saints, coming in 22nd in the league. The resemblance to the Saints doesn't stop there: the fans, too, sound like Saints fans when they talk about the offensive imbalance. It's hard to have a top rushing game even when you have a top rusher, if your pass-to-run ratio is nearly 2-1. But it's also hard to give your ace more carries when he's always dinged up. And Westbrook is always dinged up.

Moreno isn't. He comes out of Georgia healthy, and with something of a reputation as an iron man. With two Westbrooks (or two Morenos?), Philadelphia doesn't have to change a thing in their offensive philosophy. Andy Reid can continue calling the short dumpoffs he loves so well, knowing that with two backs he can wear down any opposing defenses--something that Westbrook alone isn't as good at as he used to be.

The Minnesota Vikings are now on the clock...

Current Mock Draft

Pick Team Player Position College CSC Member
#1 Detroit Lions Jason Smith OT Baylor MT_Always
#2 St. Louis Rams Michael Crabtree WR Texas Tech DeuceisLoose926
#3 Kansas City Chiefs Aaron Curry LB Wake Forest Satchmo26
#4 Seattle Seahawks Eugene Monroe OT Virginia MobileSaint
#5 Cleveland Browns Brian Orakpo DE Texas YESSaints
#6 Cincinnati Bengals B.J. Raji DT Boston College FriarBob
#7 Oakland Raiders Michael Oher OT Ole Miss Big and Easy
#8 Jacksonville Jaguars Percy Harvin WR University of Florida Drunk Monkey
#9 Green Bay Packers Everette Brown DE Florida State Sean McG
#10 San Francisco 49ers Jeremy Maclin WR Missouri Steve the fan
#11 Buffalo Bills Aaron Maybin DE Penn State BlackandGold4ever

#12 Denver Broncos Matthew Stafford QB Georgia Hustl504
#13 Washington Redskins Andre Smith OT Alabama natde1016
#14 New Orleans Saints Brian Cushing LB USC Saintsational
#15 Houston Texans Chris Wells RB Ohio State


#16 San Diego Chargers Rey Maualuga LB USC

Walter FTW

#17 NY Jets Mark Sanchez QB USC


#18 Denver Broncos Tyson Jackson DE LSU


#19 Tampa Bay Bucaneers Peria Jerry DT Ole Miss

Steve the fan

#20 Detroit Lions Josh Freeman QB Kansas State


#21 Philadelphia Eagles Knowshon Moreno RB Georgia


#22 Minnesota Vikings -- -- --