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Random Draft Notes from Canal Street Chronicles

We will be moving along with the CSC community mock draft at a faster clip of about two a day to make sure we finish up in time for the big day. I hope there aren't too many of you out there who are getting sick of the mock draft stuff. I understand you might rather discuss other topics but there isn't much going on in Who Dat Nation right now anyway. Of course if you want to talk about something in particular, don't wait for me to bring it up. Write a FanPost! 

On the brighter side, our community mock draft pulls in a ton of readers from all over the internet, particularly fans of other teams who are interested in seeing who we've chosen for their team. In fact, yesterday set a new record for visits in a single day. There are a lot of people who really look forward to the draft and that means their Christmas is less than a week away. I want to thank everyone who has taken part in our mock draft. You guys have all done an awesome job and I am proud of our small, well-educated community that we have here. Ya'll should be proud.


On another note, the fellas from Yahoo!'s popular NFL blog, Shutdown Corner, have put together a podcast containing the greatest mock draft ever. What's so great about it? It was created using SB Nation's writers mock draft that we all took part in over the last month or so. I will let the geniuses of Shutdown Corner explain their process. 

Here's what we did. We asked all 32 of SB Nation's NFL blogs to call the Shutdown Corner hotline and make the picks for their teams, in order, and see how the draft played out. Meanwhile, Danks and I would sit back in the studio, take the picks as they come and give them the Mel Kiper treatment.

The final product is this 90-minute audio mock draft that plays much like a live draft. It's got your typical risers and sliders, surprise picks, off-the-board picks and green room sob stories. I'm pretty psyched about it.

Head on over and take a listen if you've got the time. It's a bit long so if you're just interested in hearing what they say about the Saints and the sexy, sultry voice of yours truly, feel free to skip ahead to about 37:00 minutes into the audio. 


More good news comin' at ya! I took the liberty of starting a Canal Street Chronicles NFL draft  "Predict the Pick" contest over at Click here to join the league. The password is: dachronic. It might be case sensitive but I think I made it all lowercase. Play around with it if I am wrong. You can learn all about the rules of the game right here. In short, this is what it boils down to... 

The object is to select, in order from first pick to last pick, the thirty-two (32) (out of sixty-four (64)) pre-identified prospective NFL players (as determined by Sponsor) who will be picked in first round of the 2009 NFL Draft.    

The more the merrier. Sign your butt up, make your picks and prepare to lose. Done.


As a reminder, there will be open threads right here on Saturday (3pm Central) and Sunday (9am Central) for the draft. Be here to chat and debate about every pick as it's made. I myself will be enjoying my bachelor party weekend and will be scarce for the big day. M-E will hopefully be able to fill in a bit.

For the newer readers who don't know what an open thread is you will definitely want to be here to check it out. If you haven't noticed, the comments here at SB Nation are auto-refreshing which means when multiple people are together on a comment thread, it feels more like a live chat room. No refreshing. Very cool! It's tradition for big events here on Da Chronic.