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Malcolm Jenkins Press Conference Transcript

Malcolm Jenkins press conference transcript with New Orleans media. Courtesy of the Times-Pic


Q: Did you think you would go to the Saints at 14?
A: Once a couple of things were going on and on, I thought it was looking nice. I'm just happy and grateful.

Q: Where do you think you fit into this defense?
A: Just talking to the coaches when they called me, they said corner. Right now I'm thinking about the outside and we'll see how that goes in camp.

Q: Can you discuss if the prospects of moving to safety would be something you would welcome?
A: Yes, it's definitely something I would welcome. Wherever I would help the team is what I'm going to do. If that's at safety, I'm going to play. If that's at corner, that's where I'm going to play. Regardless, I'm trying to put this team in the best position to win.


Q: Who did you think might take you above the Saints?
A: I know the Browns liked me, but I wasn't sure where they were going to go and I know probably the other team was the Broncos. Other than that, those were the only other teams I was thinking about.

Q: Prior to the Saints drafting you today, how much interest did the team show in you?
A: They showed a lot. At the combine, they showed a lot of interest in me. At the pro day, the defensive backs coach was running the drills, so I got to interact with him. They visited me. I had dinner with them. I'm just happy to be here.

Q: Did you think joining the Saints were a strong possibility for you from the first time you started having contact with them?
A: Before the pro day, I went out to dinner with the defensive coordinator and the defensive backs coach and we got to talking. We talked about football, talked about life and talked about myself. We developed a feel for each other and I really felt comfortable and saw myself playing for them. I'm happy. Everything worked out. I'm feeling real comfortable.

Q: did you feel like your 40-yard dash time may have prevented you from going higher, perhaps in the top ten?
A: Things happen for a reason. I know God puts people in the right positions at the end of the day. If that's New Orleans, that's New Orleans. It's just funny how things work. I'm pretty sure God has a plan for everything.

Q: What do you know of Gregg Williams?
A: I just know he's a guy that's not going to beat around the bush. He's a hard-nosed guy. His guys play for him. He's going to get the job done. I feel really comfortable with him and he's my kind of coach.

Q: Do you feel that you are jumping into a situation where this team is really close in making a big jump and that you can play a role in it?
A: They have an excellent offense. Hopefully we can get it (defense) turned around and have some success.

Q: Do you expect to compete for a starting spot immediately?
A: Yes. That's what they brought me in for.

Q: How did you spend the day waiting to get drafted?
A: I was at a Hyatt Hotel in New Jersey with all my family and friends, about 200 people. I was sitting at the table and got a call from the Saints. We were really happy. It was a great time for us.

Q: Are you coming in here tomorrow?
A: No.

Q: Did you come in for a pre-draft visit anytime recently?
A: I came in on a visit, but it was a few weeks ago.

Q: Did you visit with a lot of teams?
A: Five teams, New Orleans, Denver, Tennessee, the Jets and the Patriots.

Q: Did you think you'd be a top ten pick?
A: I thought it was a possibility, but you can never really predict who's going to be the top ten.

Q: If you had your preference where would you like to play on this team?
A: I really don't have a preference. I can see myself playing corner, being a dominant corner and having a lot of success. I also can see myself doing the same thing at safety. I just want to find a home at a position and start getting better at it, so I can contribute as much as possible.

Q: How much experience do you have at safety?
A: I think there was one season I played corner and safety pretty much every game for about 12 games. It gave me experience in terms of learning defenses and what everybody is supposed to do. That's something I did at Ohio State from the corner position. It's about learning the defenses and the film study.

Q: What year did you play both cornerback and safety?
A: I did that in my junior year in 2007.

Q: Do you think too much emphasis is put on 40-yard dash times?
A: It didn't bother me. God has a plan. This is going to be a great experience for me and a great place for me to find a home. Once you turn on the film, you see what kind of player I am, what kind of passion I play with and what I bring to the game.

Q: You considered going pro after your junior season. How did coming back for your senior year help you?
A: I think it just kept me loving the game. My passion for the game and appreciation for playing is so much higher after this year. I learned how to continue to play at a high level, over and over again even when I was dominant and knew what I was doing. No matter who I was playing with, it was time to get ready to play. That's something you're going to have to do in the NFL every week.

Q: Were you talking back and forth with Gregg Williams and Dennis Allen about playing both corner and safety or were your discussions with them about exclusively playing corner?
A: They told me that they thought I was a corner, but that they were going to look at what they had as far as the secondary.