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Canal Street Chronicles Loves Cats. Still Deciding about Punters.

Was it just me or did it seem a little tense here on CSC yesterday?

All kidding aside I would like to sincerely apologize for the post made yesterday by CSC's latest contributor, Hap Glaudi's Ghost. So excited about having a dissenting opinion opposite my own here on Da Chronic, I overlooked the manner in which it was being presented and thus undermining what we stand for and how far we've come. I realize feelings are mixed on this issue and some people actually like that kind of stuff. I would still like to have a differing viewpoint offered but I promise in the future that it will be done only in good taste as everything else associated with Canal Street Chronicles. 

That being said, I do feel there were some worthwhile points buried deep in the aforementioned debauchery that naturally never really got a chance to be discussed. The whole issue regarding moving up in the draft and getting rid of a 2010 draft pick in the process just to draft a punter in the fifth round is certainly questionable. Especially after Loomis claimed that one of the teams goals was to do their best to maintain their draft picks next year. Personally, I'm of the belief that we shouldn't negatively judge the move until it proves to be, in fact, a poor one. But I know many others are up in arms and I certainly see where they're coming from.

The other argument worth mentioning was that of the local media and their coverage of our favorite team. Never, it seems, do we ever see the press asking the players, coaches and front office the difficult questions. When Reggie Bush furtively criticized the playcalling following a tough loss it was merely a passing thought for the media. Wouldn't a disagreement between the head coach and star running back of a team struggling with a running game be sort of a big deal? Isn't that something we might need to look into a bit further? It never was. Ever notice we often hear about the big Saints-related stories from major media outlets like Fox Sports. From folks like Jay Glazer, who doesn't live in New Orleans or cover the Saints specifically. Do you remember how we heard about Sean Payton giving up his salary to land Williams? It was a post-season pre-game show. Shouldn't a local beat writer be breaking that story? A writer who knows the team inside and out. A writer who has been cultivating inside relationships for years just so he/she can get that big scoop when it's finally time. 

Rather, the New Orleans media seems to continue along its peaceful co-existence with the organization they cover. But is it an equal co-existence? If there is anything we know about the Saints franchise and coach Sean Payton it's that he runs a tight ship. A ridiculously tight ship. The tightest ship you ever seen. Jeff Duncan alluded to it himself in our interview...

Sean Payton’s media relations policies have been influenced greatly by Bill Parcells, meaning he allows as little access as possible. In general, I think Payton sees the media as a necessary evil, a potential obstacle in his daily quest to win games. The Saints keep access to players, coaches and other team officials to league minimums.

Mickey Loomis himself offers further proof during a press conference before the draft...

In fact, even this press conference, if it wasn't mandated I wouldn't do it.    

So can the media really be to blame if they're access level is only slightly above blogger status. I'm beginning to get the impression that the Saints treat media personnel like third class citizens left only to go with the flow. After all, if local media members get only the slightest bit of access and information, they damn well are going to do everything they can to protect it which includes not ruffling any feathers. No biting the hand that feeds them. Sure, you can write whatever you want about our team, just don't think you'll ever work in this town again!

All of this begs one single question: What is really the problem? Do the Saints have too much control, power and influence over what information we, the fans, get to hear or is the local media just too affraid to upset the status quo and ask the good questions?

And that, my friends, is what I will leave you with to discuss. Good day.