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D-Mac Is On His Way Back

For those of you eagerly awating the triumphant return of Deuce McAllister to the NFL, your wait may soon be over.

The more observant may have noticed the numerous articles littering CSC's fanshot section the past couple of days. Articles from local sources like WWL and the Clarion Ledger, as well as national outlets such as the Associated Press. Where there once was no new information to be found there is now a flood of chatter. It appears Deuce is willing to talk to anyone who will listen these days.

All of this would seem to indicate one thing: Deuce is ready to come back and he's making it known. If I had to guess, I'd say that D-Mac is officially placing himself back on the market and trying to let as many teams know that he is ready to see some action. Perhaps at the instruction of his agent or manager or publicist. These articles aren't just updates on our favorite running back meant to make us feel better about ourselves. They are the NFL equivalent of public announcements. Signal flares being shot into the sky with the hopes of attracting as much attention as possible. Stirring up what little hype can be unearthed.

If we are to believe that hype then we'd know that Deuce has been working out vigorously in Florida this off-season. He understands that he won't ever be the main back in an offense ever again but he is ready to accept a contributing role, hopefully for a contender. In a few weeks McAllister plans on visiting and working out for interested teams. And to create as much interest as he can, Deuce needs to start putting the word out there.

It would appear there is still a little time before we hear about Deuce actually out on the field but it's nice to see him finally emerging from the shadows and turning the conversation away from bankruptcy and back toward what matters But it's good to see that the wheels of his comeback are turning faster than ever. It's only a matter of time now before the dream becomes a reality. Hopefully.