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College Hill: Saints Edition

It's the graduation season and while many young college graduates are walking across some stage of sorts and collecting their hard-earned degrees, a couple of New Orleans Saints players are taking the walk with them this year.

Usama Young and Jammal Brown have both finally finished their college careers at their former schools, Kent State and Oklahoma, respectively. While both of these players have already achieved at least a modicum of financial success in their lives thanks to their NFL careers and probably don't really need their diplomas, it's great to see professional athletes place an importance on education and lead by example.

“It was very important for me to finish what I started,” Young said. “My goal from the very beginning was to graduate and I figured it¹s better late than never. I grew up in a home where both parents were educators and I’ve always believed that without an education I wouldn¹t be where I am on the football field.”

-Usama Young

"I always told my mom I'd get (the degree),"

-Jammal Brown

Life in the NFL won't last forever and the smart players prepare themselves for their future endeavors.

"I'd like to be an athletic counselor and work closely with the kids," he said. "Going from high school to college is a big jump. You go from being a star to taking a backseat, and some people don't take that too well. I've been there in every situation. I stuck it out.

"A lot of people waste that opportunity when they get into a situation that they're not familiar with, and they never pan out. They need someone to help them transition. I went through all those aspects and I think I could guide them."

-Jammal Brown

But Brown didn't waste his opportunity, even if it took him longer than usual.

CSC applauds Usama Young, Jammal Brown and all other professional athletes who realize what is really important in life, especially in a society that often promotes sports over education.

Congratulations to the Class of 2009!