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Shockey, Rosenhaus: Reunited and it Feels So Good. Jon, Kate: Not so Much.

Only months after firing his agent, Drew Rosenhaus, Jeremy Shockey has re-signed with the super agent and his agency, Rosenhaus Sports Representation. The news was discovered yesterday where all good sports stories emanate...Twitter! From Drew Rosenhaus' Twitter page...

"We are pleased to announce that we re-signed Jeremy Shockey."

This surely came as good news for the sports agency that was simultaneously losing client Anquan Boldin.

After Shockey's recent participation in "dehydration-gate" it would appear initially that he is just in need of some help in the representation department. But a quick trip through the archives reveals that the return of Shockey fulfills a prophesy made by Rosenhaus in April when Shockey's departure was first discovered.

"Jeremy has recently indicated to us that he will be rehiring us in the immediate future,"

So what gives? What are the possible reasons for this premeditated switch-a-roo? Why now? Will Anquan Boldin return to Rosenhaus as well? Talk amongst yourselves.

In other news, Jon and Kate Gosselin appear to be drifting further apart following the premier of the fifth season of their show, Jon and Kate Plus Eight. Sad.