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The Disrespect Continues: Vol. 51

Will it ever stop?

The Sporting News, in its wisdom, has seen fit to rank the best players in the NFL by various positions. On defense, that doesn't leave the Saints with many chances to cop a high ranking. Except, of course, when it comes to Jonathan Vilma. He may not be the best middle linebacker in the NFL...but surely he's in the top 5?

No? Well, top 10 for sure.

No? Top 15?

No? Does he even make the top 20?

Yep. Just barely. Jonathan Vilma is ranked the 20th best middle linebacker in the NFL. Meaning that there are 19 teams in the league for whom he wouldn't even start.

So who's better?

Well, at 19, there's the Bills' immortal Paul Posluszny. At 18, the Falcons' Curtis Lofton--a rookie who only played on running downs. Barrett Ruud of the Bucs comes in at 9, and Jon Beason of the Panthers at 5--which all means that Jonathan Vilma is the worst middle linebacker in the NFC South.

I think the only thing left to do is rank the sports media--but on second thought, that wouldn't work. Someone would have to wind up on top...and none of them deserve it.