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Saints Players Learn to Keep it in Their Pants

The most talked about story in Who Dat Nation is the release of Saints players Biren Ealy and Kolo Kapanui just two days after their arrests for exposing themselves. If you haven't heard, here are six articles all saying the same thing about the situation:


Sun Herald


New Orleans Saints official website


Chicks in the Huddle 

I won't bother to bore you with the same info. Actually, the only thing I will add is that I am impressed by the swift and resolute manner in which the organization dealt with these players. Sure, this was just a silly stunt gone a little too far by a couple of drunk young kids. But rules are rules. Making an example out of these two guys sets a good tone for the rest of the season. If you're a liability, you're gone. I applaud Loomis and Co. for the great job they continue to do in maintaining a locker room made up of only high-quality characters and few distractions.  

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