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Rookie Mini-Camp Review: Are You Freaking Kidding Me Edition

Day one of rookie mini-camp is officially in the books and Saints fans are none the wiser about what to expect from this years team. It's been nice getting a little taste of some action and having something to talk about but did we really learn anything from yesterday's workouts?


Well...I take that back. We learned that the Saints installed three coverages via a Malcolm Jenkins press conference. Thanks Malcolm. Funny thing is he probably got an earful from Payton after that for saying too much. Jenkins will learn.

We also learned that the more things change, the more they stay the same. I'm talking about the Stanley Arnoux injury. And the John Halman injury. What in holy hell is going on here!?! The thought of having another promising season destroyed because of rampant injury is just too tough a pill to swallow. Not after last season. Not after this off-season. Not now. But 2009 seems to have picked up right where 2008 left off. If yesterday was any indication of the season to follow, the Saints will be lucky to finish 8-8.

I'm able to write this post calmly now because I took a step back to get some perspective. SERENITY NOW!! But when I first heard the news I was just as irate as the next guy. Who wouldn't be? Then, all that cautious optimism I've been preaching for months covered my body like a warm, protective blanket with two holes cut out just enough so I can see out. I've been expecting crap like this to happen so why should I be surprised because it's actually happening? Serenity now. I figure these early injuries can't really be blamed on the Saints strength and conditioning program since this was the first day of rookie practice. More likely it's just plain bad luck. What's worse is that there's nothing anybody can do about bad luck. You may just want to assume that this was an abberation, forget it ever happened and move on with the rest of your daydreaming. Honestly, you don't have a choice. As for me...everything is right on schedule.

Oh...and...uh...I told you so.

I've got some other notes from the events of yesterday. You can make the jump for a few of my favorite things (continuing the Sound of Music reference from yesterday).

Disrespecting the Deuce

I know some of us were freaking out about Colorado free agent safety Ryan Walters wearing #26 at practice yesterday. Calm down. It's just mini-camp. I also don't think anyone is going to want to wear the number if they're going to catch hell like this from most of Who Dat Nation.

It's gettin' hot in here, so take off all your...

Everyone was talking about the weather yesterday. More specifically, complaining about the heat. Big surprise there. We hear this every year.

It was a lot hotter than in New Jersey or Ohio.

-Malcolm Jenkins

I have to get used to the heat, but it was a great first day of practice.

-Chip Vaughn

Wusses. I live approximitely ten miles from the practice facility and yesterday was nothing. It was gorgeous out. If these guys think it was hot yesterday they're in for a rude awakening this August. They ought to be more like punter Thomas Morstead. He's a real man.

I'm excited about this weather actually. I'm from Houston so I'm used to the hot stuff. It's pretty nice and it's good practice out here with the wind.

-Thomas Morstead

I'm startin' to like this kid. What else did we learn about Morstead today?

I'm kind of crazy. I've told coaches before and I'll tell them again that I'm up for anything. I'm up for whatever they want to do.

-Thomas Morstead

Woah, Tommy! You barely even know them. I think you should take it slow and get to know each other first. Maybe a romantic dinner and a walk along the beach. Actually, Morstead reminds me of another kicker the Saints drafted suspiciously early. Listen to the way they each describe themselves.

"I'm the kind of guy that I'm just never satisfied with where I'm at. I'm always trying to improve, always trying to do better. I'm kind of my own biggest critic. I expect a lot out of myself, and my goal is to go out there and put the ball deep in the end zone and get touchbacks for our team with good hang time."

-Taylor Mehlhaff

"I could care less really about that. I'm harder on myself than anybody else could be. Coaches have to tell me not to worry about it and hit the next one, which I do, but I'm very hard on myself."

-Thomas Morstead

We know what happened to Mehlhaff. Not good, Tommie. Not good.

Zoo York Reprezent

I never knew that undrafted free agent running back P.J. Hill is from Elmhurst, Queens; about twenty minutes from where I grew up. Now I'm pulling for him.

Quote of the Day

"Knock 'em the ( -- -- ) out!"

-Gregg Williams

Random Fact of the Day

Q: What's the story on Stanley Arnoux?

A: Stan's actually a great cook. He can cook Haitian food.

Q: Have you eaten Haitian food before?

A: It's pretty good.

Q: Did he get you hooked on that?

A: He did.

-Transcript of Chip Vaughn Press Conference