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CSC All-Time Saints Team Inductions: Linebacker and Center

The poll for choosing the center position on CSC's All-Time Saints Team has officially closed and our winner is none other than Jerry Fontenot. Joel Hilgenberg gave him a run for his money but in the end it just wasn't enough. I would also like to announce that, by popular demand, the entire Dome Patrol will be placed on our all-time team together. So congratulations to Rickey Jackson, Vaughan Johnson, Sam Mills, Pat Swilling and Jerry Fontenot for all making CSC's All-Time Saints Team. They deserve it. 

To celebrate their induction, I have hooked you guys up with some recent audio clips from WWL's Sports Talk. Make the jump for those. 

Here are four audio clips from WWL's Sports Talk. In order they are Steve Wyche and Sean Payton, CBS Sports writer Pete Prisco, open phone lines and Steve Korte.