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Goodbye's, Hello's and Tailgating

A quick glance over at the marriage countdown clock that I've had posted on the right sidebar of CSC for over a year now will reveal just how close we actually our to my big day. Two days. Too close. That's right, my time has come. Your fearless leader, as I've been known to be called, is tying the knot. Taking the plunge. Jumping the broom. Whatever. For me, it's another step down the path of life as Erin and I celebrate our love and devotion to each other and join as one in holy matrimony, forever linked on that memorable day. For you, it means I'll be gone for a week. Sucks to be you.

But have no fear, for you know I wouldn't just abandon ya'll like that. Starting this Friday and until next Sunday, while I am in Bermuda (Bahama. Come on, pretty mama) I will be handing over the reins to your other favorite Canal Street Chronicles contributor, MtnExile. Worried I was going to say Hap? I have no idea what M-E's plans for the week will include and he has been given no instructions other than to make sure there is a post here for you guys every morning at the crack of dawn. Buyer beware. But those of us who know M-E should feel pretty confident about his blogging skills and ought to look forward to the week ahead. By the way, you should also know that the other option was to have Dave the Falconer take over for the week but Exile on Mtn Street was going to have none of that. And you never know, I just may check in from my honeymoon headquarters. If not...I'll be back.

While we're on the topic of personal matters I wanted to share another miniature personal triumph I had as a blogger yesterday. The Washington Post has an NFL blog called The League, very similar to the NY Times' The Fifth Down. I was asked to be a member of their discussion panel, which includes the likes of Dan Reeves and Dick Vermeil, and contribute a few words here and there whenever the time or topic was appropriate for me. Yesterday was that time and the topic was a debate about possible tailgating regulations. I was able to take any stance I desired and chose to discuss the drinking aspect of the pre-game NFL ritual. It's a quick read so be sure to check it out and give me your opinions. You might also take delight in seeing a cropped picture of my big, fat face. I would like to thank the Washington Post for allowing me this opportunity and I hope to write more for them in the future, particularly about the Saints.

While I'm in this reflective mood and caught up in the emotion of my impending nuptials I just wanted to say that when I started this whole thing - I'm talking about Da Chronic - over a year ago while vegging out on my couch, I never would have believed you if you'd told me the Washington Post would want my contribution, or I'd get to interview players, coaches, musicians and media members or that my writing would appear everyday on Sports Illustrated, CBS Sports and Yahoo! Sports websites. And I certainly never thought It would actually become so big that I would need and be able to have someone else take over in my absence. Thanks M-E and everyone else who reads and participates here at CSC on a regular basis. Like the football players we discuss everyday, I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for you guys.