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What Must Reggie Do?

I didn't see a story here posted this morning and since I've got a few minutes to kill in the Charlotte airport, I figured what better way to spend my time than putting together a quick post. 

Let's talk about one of the most sensitive Saints subjects over the last few years: Reggie Bush.

We know how controversial Reggie is as a player and threads about his production, future and roll are always a hot topic and spark great debate. But I don't want to discuss Bush's past today, I want to discuss his future and my question to everyone is simple: What does Reggie Bush have to do this season to finally quiet the skeptics and gain 100% of Saints fans' respect? I'm talking hard numbers here. What kind of yardage does Reggie need to amass in 2009 to keep the haters satisfied? How many touchdowns must he score to finally prove himself?

I look forward to reading the subsequent comments.