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Saints History: A Photographic Stroll Down Memory Lane

 A while back CSC member Big and Easy mentioned that he had a lot of old Saints photographs that he could share with everyone. After some work on his part to have them digitized and uploaded on his website he contacted me about how to share them with everyone. So today I have the pleasure of presenting some very cool pictures from Saints days of yore. 

Big and Easy has put together a website dedicated to the Saints and has uploaded a fair amount of old photos there. You can see the entire gallery right here. These are a must see for any Saints fan but particularly the ones who were around during the good ol' days. For a little background on the pictures we can refer to what B&E has written on his site:

As a kid, going to New Orleans to see the Saints play was one of my favorite things I did with my Dad. I still remember a lot of little things about those trips that wouldn't mean anything to anyone else, but they meant the world to me. It obviously had a big impact on who I am today and I am proud to be a card toten member of Who Dat Nation. My Dad was priviledged enough to have taken pictures on the Saints sidelines in the eighties and I have those pictures to remind me of those days gone by. They were some tough years for the Saints as a team, but great memories for me and my Dad. Not all the pictures on this site were taken by my Dad but we have over 500 pictures taken on the sidelines of the Superdome and from Tulane Stadium. I hope you enjoy them as we have.

I have included just a few of the pictures here in this post but make sure you go to Big and Easy's website and check out the entire gallery yourself. Canal Street Chronicles would like to thank Big and Easy, and more importantly his father and the other photographers who took these pictures, for their work in capturing these moments in time. I'm sure B&E will be hanging around the comment section with some more info and to accept the many thank you's he should receive. 











Notice Archie on the bench in the background getting checked out by team doctors after getting his bell rung.