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CSC is Heading to Minicamp

As promised, I am going to head over to 5800 Airline Drive with non-perishable food items in hand to see if I can't get my butt through the gates to check out some minicamp action. Hopefully the weather will hold up (it's a bit cloudy right now) and they don't move the practice to their indoor facility.

Of course I will be taking pictures and will put together some notes tonight for a post tomorrow morning but I figured I would take advantage of all the wonderful technology the world has to offer by updating you guys via Twitter. Canal Street Chronicle's original Twitter page is still broken and not working so I have created a new Twitter account for the time being. It is called CSCtweet and you can find it right here. So if you really want to know what's going on be sure to always be checking for my tweets. You do NOT need to sign up for Twitter to read my updates, just head to our Twitter page and refresh every once and a while to see if anything is new.