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Live from New Orleans...It's Saints Minicamp!

As of 2:13 p.m. Central Daylight Time, Sainntsational Dave (the misspelling is deliberate so that SBNation will quit trying to hyperlink Dave) is standing in line with his cache of non-perishable comestibles, awaiting entry into the holy of holies for Saints fans: the practice field. We'll be updating his reports here via Twitter feed...just keep checking back for the latest news on what's happening. Be sure to click the picture at right for all of the AP's photos from camp.

2:17: Waiting in line with my can of corn right now.

2:23: Perfect day for practice. Unusually cool for early june with a bit of a Brees. Not too crowded.

2:26: For those saints fans looking to enjoy themselves they can purchase beer here for five bucks.

2:41: Scanning the players birthdays on the roster handout they give. Cant help but notice how old mark brunell is.

2:52: A few of the players have started walking out onto the field. Joey harrington is holding Kevin houser snaps.

2:57: Most of the offensive line is circled together. Brunell and harrington are tossing the football together. Drew just walked out.

3:01: They just blew the horn. Ready to start.

3:04: The defensive backs are working right in front of me in one on one drills.

3:05: Shockey vilma and sharper are standing on the sidelines.

3:06: By the way, players are not wearing pads.

3:10: Pierre thomas' calves are bigger than my head. Defense has now rotated in front of me.

3:15: The first team is taking snaps game-like situations. Light run throughs. The sun is starting to appear. Perfect timing.

3:17: Harper sharper gay and greer are out with first team.

3:18: Meachem just dropped an easy one in the flat!! The crowd groans, myself included.

3:22: Colston meachem henderson moore and arrington are all rotating in with the first team.

3:24: Shockey just caught one over the middle. The crowd claps. No big deal. Arrington and henderson are taking reverses.

3:30: Everyone is doing running excercises and stretches. Drew is wearing a skull cap to keep his long mane in check.

3:34: Brees and gay are chatting during their stretches. I think practice is about to be turned up a notch.

3:39: Colston and henderson dropped a handoff on a double reverse.

3:46: Running backs are working on catching screens. Receivers are working on short crossing routes.

3:49: Jeff duncan and the times pic staff are watching the action in front of me.

3:53: Benson and his wife just drove out on a golf cart to check out the action.

3:57: Quarterbacks just finished working with receivers. Back to offense vs. Defense.

4:04: Meachem just dove for a pass and couldn't come up with it. Looked like he stopped on the route

4:06: Getting a little chippy out here. Matt simon just dropped one along the sideline.

4:14: Nine on nine drills now. Porter, torrence usama and reis are out with second team.

4:18: Jason david is out with the third team in his new number 29. He looks so small comparatively.

4:19: Hard to evaluate the running backs. Herb donaldson dropped one.

4:22: Special teams work now. Hartley is nailing 35 and 40 yarders with ease. Benson just drove by the fans to wave hello.

4:24: Db's are back to one on one drills. Probably winding down.

4:35: Today must be colstons birthday. A fan yelled 'happy birthday' which marques acknowledged with a wave.

4:41: Full team offense vs defense now. Lots of different defensive fronts.

4:45: Shanle is out with vilma and fujita on first team. Outside lb's are often up on the line particularly shanle.

4:55: Standing in front of shockey and jammal brown. Joking about oklahoma and miami. Got some great pics!

4:57: Thats it for me. Heading home. Hope you all enjoyed. Thank you twitter. Who Dat!?