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Sunday's Random Notes, Links, Audio, Video and Puzzle


CSC All-Time Saints Team

Congratulations to the latest inductee to our CSC All-Time Saints team, Wayne Martin. He was the overwhelming favorite in our poll last week, winning with nearly 44% of the vote. With all of the action happening this weekend, I nearly forgot about our All-Time team. By the way, you can keep up with our team as we continue over on the right sidebar. Exile on Mtn St. (my new nickname for MtnExile) was corteous enough to create the fancy little roster for us. We'll get back to the team very shortly. 



I will post a picture puzzle today at 12pm Noon Central. Anyone interested in some friendly competition should be here at that time. First person to correctly guess the subject of the picture wins. For some warming up or practice, click here. Today's puzzle will be harder. Goodluck. You're gonna need it. 




Saints Coach Payton focuses on teamwork - New Orleans Saints Beat

"I wouldn't say yesterday's practices were too physical, but the one in the p.m. was close," Stinchcomb said. "Right now, it's intense and good. There's some self-regulating going on. There are some flare-ups. That's how players police things. If something gets out of line, there are ways players go about balancing out things, like holding up players and not taking them to the ground." "It's pretty much a free-for-all in shorts and helmets, as long as you don't have pads on," Stinchcomb said. "As long as there is an understanding that the main objective, no matter whether you're on offense or defense, is to get better and for us to be a Super Bowl-contending team, then everything is good in here.

"The offense doesn't have a problem if the defense is playing hard, and the defense doesn't have a problem if the offense is going hard. It's about intent."

"I've been going up against (left defensive end) Charles Grant for nearly a decade," Stinchcomb said. "But there is a professional aspect to his game. If he's in danger of rolling up somebody or getting rolled up, he'll pull up, because it's the first week of June, and we don't have our first game until the middle of September.

"This is a concern for every player in this locker room just because of our health. This is our career, and this is how we conduct our business -- with our bodies. So protecting our team and our careers comes first and foremost."



"I wanted to get with a good team, and the Saints have been a good team since Coach Payton got here," Spicer said. "After talking with him and knowing Coach Williams like I do, and knowing what the Saints have been about the past few years, I wanted to be a part of this.

"Now I have this opportunity, and I'm going to make the most of it."

-Paul Spicer

"This is a great opportunity for me; it's really been a blessing," Hargrove said. "These guys -- the GM (Loomis), Sean Payton, Gregg Williams, (defensive line coach) Bill Johnson, everybody -- have gone above and beyond for me. All I want to do is return the favor.

"They're giving me a shot; that's all. Nothing else has been discussed with me. All that other stuff (the pending suspensions) has nothing to do with me."

-Anthony Hargrove


Sharper brings years of talent to beleaguered Saints defense | News for New Orleans, Louisiana | Saints | News and Weather for New Orleans |

"I feel good now," Sharper said. "The thing when you get into the years I’ve put in, I feel good. You think of guys and I always try to see guys I’ve seen play like Leroy Butler, who was older when I got there, or Eugene Robinson or Rod Woodson and see these guys play until they’re 36, 37. "I know I condition myself well so I know I can go that long. It’s just having the want-to. That’s the big difference now."


WWL - AM870 | FM105.3 | News | Talk | Sports - Q and A with Jeremy Shockey at Saints Mini-Camp

This is what happens when the media starts asking the tough questions. This was an interesting interview. 

Q: Can you discuss what happened in Las Vegas?

A: Not much. I'm sure all of you read about it. If you're halfway intelligent you can read it.

Q: Was it overblown?

A: Yes, I think so. They say, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. That's the past, we're talking about the future.


New Orleans Saints cornerback Malcolm Jenkins finishes school, gets to work - New Orleans Saints Beat

"I was watching some film on the plane," said Jenkins, who arrived around 9:30 p.m. "As soon as I got to the hotel, I got some water and just got in the playbook some more before I took a nap. So I'm kind of low on sleep right now." 

"The sooner I could get down here, the more I could learn," said Jenkins, who arranged the expedited schedule with all of his professors and school advisors. "And now I'm just all out." 


Best Of New Orleans Blog - The Saints’ Defense has the "Chip-on-the-Shoulder" Routine Down Pat

Defensive coordinator Gregg Williams and the Saints’ defense brought their lunch pales with them to the second half of today’s OTA’s. The Saints’ reconstructed Defense went to work on the NFL’s number one ranked offense but not before giving up big plays over the middle of the field to tight end Billy Miller and deep threat wide receiver Devery Henderson.




These are all from, where else, WWL's Sports Talk. They are locker room sound bites from this weekend. In order we've got Adrian Arrington, Jason David, Carl Nicks and Jeremy Shockey




Here are a couple of random YouTube clips from training camp. Very short. Guerilla style.