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CSC All-Time Saints Team Nominations: Wide Receiver No. 2

Now back to our election of CSC's All-Time Saints Team. This time, we will again revisit the wide receiver position and choose the second of our two ball catchers. Click here to see the original nomination post, which includes the stats for most of our nominated players, and here to view the results of that election. Since Joe Horn was selected the first time around, I will assume that the same remaining players should be nominated. If, however, you feel someone was still left behind the first time around, this is your chance to throw them in the pool for possible selection.  Those remaining players still up for election are:

  • Eric Martin
  • Danny Abramowicz
  • Quinn Early
  • Marques Colston
  • Wes Chandler
  • Donte Stallworth

For those of you who were disappointed that Eric Martin narrowly missed being elected to our all-time team this is now your chance to right that wrong. Don't blow it.

The poll will open at 6am Central tomorrow morning and will be open for exactly 48 hours, ending on Saturday, July 4th.

As always, the comment section is open for more discussion about these great players and the way things used to be.