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Saints Training Camp Mad Libs. Beware: Tons of Fun Ahead


You know I like to promote a little fun on Fridays during the off-season; something to liven up the party. Rather than our usual Getting to Know You post, I have come up with another idea designed to spark conversation, build community and tickle your funny bone: Saints Mad Libs. This will take a bit of effort but I think it will get a good laugh and definitely be worth it. Read on!

This will work just like the regular Mad Libs that we all know and love. If you're not familiar with it, and even if you are, here's how it works: Grab a pencil and paper and number the paper one through fourteen. Go ahead...c' it...your boss isn't looking. Directly below is a list of fourteen categories, mostly parts of speech. Your job is to come up with a random word that fits within each category. When you have come up with words for all of them - and only when you have done this - go ahead and make the jump. There will be a story there with fourteen words missing. Go ahead and cut and paste that whole story into the comment section. Then fill in the words you've written down in the appropriately numbered blank. Post that bad boy and let the insanity begin!

Remember that the point of this is to make them as silly as possible. That can be done by getting creative and different with your words. Erin and I performed a trial run and had a couple of funny combinations. Time to get started.  


  1. Adverb (i.e. rapidly, shockingly)
  2. Emotion (i.e. angry, happy)
  3. Any moment from last years season
  4. Verb (i.e. run, urinate)
  5. Adjective (i.e. heavy, strong)
  6. Adjective
  7. Saints off-season move
  8. Adverb
  9. Noun
  10. Adjective
  11. Slogan/cliche/phrase (i.e. like white on rice, the best in the business)
  12. Aderb
  13. Adjective
  14. Verb


Make the jump once you have come up with fourteen words. 



Training camp for the 2009 Saints season is ____1____ approaching and fans everywhere are very ____2____.

After _____3_____, the team looks to _____4_____ on their mediocre performance last year. Some ____5____

moves were made in the off-season, the most _____6_____ of which was  ____7____. The defense should be

____8____ improved compared to ____9____ and combined with the Saints ____10____ offense should be

_____11____. Hopefully, this years team will avoid ____12____ _____13____ injuries.  Otherwise, it's going to be

a long season and I just may ___14___ myself.