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Jabari Greer: Where's the Love!?

I was watching ABC26's hour-long Saints special, Mission: Miami. Hosted by local sports reporters, the show managed to recap the 2008 season, cover all the happenings of the off-season and look ahead to this year all in a short time. Just in case you haven't been paying attention since the NFC Championship Game.

I couldn't help but noticed something while watching it though. Numerous times the local analysts would talk about the upgrades made to the Saints weak secondary this year. More than once they would mention the likes of Darren Sharper and Malcolm Jenkins as the keys to the teams improvement.

But they never really mentioned Jabari Greer and since the drafting of Malcolm Jenkins, this appears to represent the general consensus in Who Dat Nation these last few months. Why is a starting NFL cornerback with five years of experience just getting pushed into the background?

Sure, he wasn't the hottest cornerback on the market when free agency began but this is the Saints secondary we're talking about here. Greer is certainly an improvement. Remember, too, that this was not a player the Bills wanted to lose. They just couldn't afford him. In fact, SB Nation's Buffalo Bills blog Buffalo Rumblings chose Greer as the best defensive player for the first half of the 2008 season saying...

Give him a contract extension, Buffalo.

Fortunately for the Saints, Greer never accepted Buffalo's offer.

It's particularly irksome that Greer is never mentioned while Malcolm Jenkins is lauded. Jenkins is a rookie who has never stepped foot on the field as an NFL player. Until he signs his contract, puts the pads on and starts proving his first round draft pick status, Jenkins' ability to boost this secondary is still in question. Much more so than Greer.

The truth is, I don't have a crystal ball. Greer could go the way of Jason David and Jenkins could become the future of this team. Whatever. But until either or any of those situations proves to be true, Greer deserves the label of "secondary upgrade", moreso than Jenkins, and a little more respect than he seems to have been given thus far.