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Sean Payton Spiralling Downward?

By now we should all be familiar with the details of the story revolving around Kevin Houser, the film studio and the tax credit fiasco. If you've been living in a cave or been on your honeymoon in Bermuda this last week, you can catch up by reading articles here, here, here and here. This, of course, has led many to question whether Houser's somewhat surprising release was due to his on-field performance or was the result of a personal vendetta - namely Sean Payton's.

I won't begin to speculate on the situation since we really don't know anything (though I suspect someone, somewhere does) but others have begun the questioning process, including the Times-Pic and Pro Football Talk. In fact, the results of that Times-Pic poll reveal that most Saints fans (73% as I type this) do think Houser's release smells a bit fishy.

Instead of asking you guys the obvious question, I wanted to take it a bit further. Assuming there is "foul play" involved with Houser's release, how would that affect your view of Sean Payton? We've come a long way since our original lovefest with Sean Payton in 2006 and things have seemed to only go downhill from that point. Is this just another step in the wrong direction for Payton's relationship with Saints fans? Would you lose respect for Payton or the organization? Has he lost your respect already? Would you be surprised that something like this could happen in the NFL or within the organization? Do you even care?