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The Saints' Short-Yardage Back?

He's not The Bus...but maybe he could be The Streetcar?
He's not The Bus...but maybe he could be The Streetcar?

To mix metaphors: here's something from out of left field...

Remember, earlier in the year, when Sean Payton was asked about his quest for a short-yardage specialist, and he said he wasn't sure if the right guy wasn't already "in the building"? Well, what if that person is 6'3", 290-lb. Charles Grant?

I'm not saying this is what Payton has in mind...but why not? In researching an article about our defensive ends, I found this out about Grant:

"Played both offense and defense at Hargrave Military Academy in 1998. Was a Parade Magazine 1997 All-American. He tied runningback Chuck Rumbley's state single-season touchdown record with 45 in 1997 and added 3,472 all-purpose yards. Totaled 101 touchdowns in his three-year career at Miller County (Ga.) HS.

"...As a freshman [at Georgia], recorded 33 tackles and seven sacks, while also seeing duty in offensive backfield, rushing for 79 yards and three touchdowns at fullback."

Anyone who remembers Guy McIntyre on the 49ers and William Perry on the Bears knows the validity of putting a beast in the backfield either as a pure lead blocker or as an actual ball carrier. Perry did fine in both roles. Grant actually had extensive experience and great success earlier in his playing least, taking handoffs and hitting a hole isn't entirely strange to him.

So why not?