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Quarterback Competition Heats Up

While Drew Brees was out of town this weekend dealing with the recent death of this mother, Saints fans got an all too realistic look (not literally) during the Black & Gold scrimmage of what life might be like without the greatest quarterback in the league. I shudder just thinking about it, really. The truth is as long as Brees is healthy, the battle for the spot behind him is fairly meaningless. But in the event of what would be a worst case scenario - a season-ending injury to Drew - who will be considered...[Dr. Evil voice] Number Two?

The great news is that both Mark Brunell and Joey Harrington are capable options. Harrington has plenty of experience as a starting quarterback in the NFL, though much of his play could be considered sub-par. However, an argument could be made that his lack of on-field success is due to the poor talent around him. Mark Brunell, on the other hand, is a proven veteran with three Pro-Bowls and nine seasons as a starter. Though the retiring of Brett Favre (finally!) makes Brunell the oldest active quarterback in the league, he's still got what it takes to lead an offense.

So far the news from training camp regarding both quarterbacks has been positive. They each took advantage of Drew's absence during Saturdays Black & Gold scrimmage, Brunell in particular, while Harrington was the star of Friday mornings practice. So who will be deemed worthy of being Drew Brees' Number Two? Brunell is currently running with the second team during practice and I personally feel that's the way it should and will remain. His experience and track record of success make him the obvious choice as second in command. But does Harrington have a chance to beat out Brunell this summer? Who do you think should be taking snaps in the absence of Brees? Will the Saints even keep three quarterbacks? Let's hear your thoughts. Talk it out.