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Welcome to the Family, Malcolm Jenkins!

It's official. Malcolm Jenkins has signed with the Saints after a ten day holdout. Turns out my hunch yesterday was correct, and his signing was imminent. Malcolm shouted the great news from the highest Twitter mountain top...

Finally we can get this ball rolling... sorry for making you guys wait but now its time to go and get that SB!!!    

The Times-Pic was also on the story. Here is your Mickey Loomis quote...

"We're glad to have agreed to this five-year deal with Malcolm and look forward to seeing him at practice with his teammates tomorrow," Saints General Manager Mickey Loomis said in a statement released by the team. "He is an intelligent young man and given what we saw from him on the field during the offseason, I'm confident that he will get up to speed sooner rather than later."    

Welcome to the family, Malcolm. See you tomorrow. Now you don't have to be so bored.