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Saints Taking a Look at Linebacker Derrick Brooks

Now here is something that ought to make many of you happy. Derrick Brooks will be coming to New Orleans for a little workout. I know this was something that many fans have been wanting to see, in an effort to improve the linebacking corp, so I anticipate some happy campers this morning. Of course, coach Payton commented on not commenting...

"We typically don't comment on players before we see them work out,"

No doubt that this is probably directly related to the news this morning that Mark Simoneau is going to be out for at least a few weeks with a torn triceps. Losing Dan Morgan wasn't enough to scare Payton into signing another linebacker but apparently the loss of Mark Simoneau is now just too much to handle.

Brooks is a great player with plenty of experience but his age and health are a definite question mark. What do you guys think?

Also coming in for a workout will be tight end Derek Smith, formerly of the Niners, Chargers and Dolphins. Good luck cracking the lineup.