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Canal Street Chronicles: Fleur-di-Links 8.12.09


reggie_bush Ok I bowled terrible today I'm embarrassed to even put my scores up. 100 and 175...first game was a warm up! Lol! I think?

Harp41 Bowling was fun!    

CPT23 Hard day of hitting today - I'm ready to hit another team! Who's with me? Who Dat!

NFLprguy We r going 2 announce tmrw plans 2 kick off NFL season 9/10 in Pittsburgh w/ huge free concert b4 game and other events

jeffduncantp An addendum to earlier posts about D. Brooks. He's in town tonight, will work out tomorrow. I predict he signs & is at practice tomorrow.

SupaFreak69 Gettin ready for the Bengals to come in town...why must people shout loudly bout wat they know not....I tell ya what I Love training camp.

jeffduncantp FYI: Saints are $4.9 million under the salary cap so signing Brooks won't be a money issue.

jeffduncantp My guess: He'll take Simoneau's spot. Reserve WLB/MLB in 4-3, w/1st unit inside in 3-4. @BigandEasy Jeff, will Brooks start?

GregBensel afternoon practice, originally scheduled for outside and open to fans has been moved indoors and is closed; roy jones jr will visit camp   


 Derrick Brooks would be a good fit for the New Orleans Saints - Times-Pic

New Orleans Saints' Reggie Bush has time to turn career around - Sports Illustrated

Notes from New Orleans Saints practice Tuesday - Times-Pic


After dropping a beautifully thrown pass from Harrington, who laid it over tight coverage from a cornerback, veteran tight end Billy Miller made a circus catch on a pass thrown by Mark Brunell. Miller made a diving grab against linebacker Anthony Waters for a 22-yard completion.


 New Orleans Saints left tackle Jammal Brown wants to improve on run blocking - Times-Pic

"Face it: he has the toughest job on the offensive line," Saints line coach Aaron Kromer said. "We just threw for 5,000 yards and he plays left tackle. We drop back and throw the football a lot, and sometimes we were down by a couple touchdowns and everybody knew it, and they took off pass-rushing.

"And to be honest, Jammal Brown did a really nice job of pass protecting, and that's what you're asking your left tackle to do."

-Aaron Kromer

"Of course if you make the Pro Bowl one time, then anything less than that is not as good as you had," Brown said. "So I think my situation, once you reach that high bar, you've got to get back to that, but personally you've got goals, and my goals are for sure playoffs first, and then get to a Super Bowl. Then personal things fall after that."

-Jammal Brown

"Look at what we did that year," Brown said. "We came in after the hurricane year, and were one game away (from the Super Bowl). That playoff game against the Eagles was what, the first win or the second win ever? So that's special to the fans here and the city and to us, so I'd say that's been the proudest of my years."

-Jammal Brown

"He's absolutely one of the top guys in the league, athletic-wise, and strength-wise, he's getting there," Smith said. "And he's a well-conditioned guy. You know, I love going up against him because I know not too many guys I'm going to play against on Sunday are actually going to have that much energy and that much quickness like him."

-Will Smith

"You can get on him and tell him exactly what you want, and he can take it right to the field," Payton said. "He's more of a quiet leader. I think he's got the respect of his teammates because of how he plays, but he's not necessarily going to be the guy up in front of the group talking all the time."

-Sean Payton






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