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Reggie and Kim Possibly Reuniting. Includes Fantasy Football Tips!

Have you ever broken up with a girl for whatever reason and expected to land another lady immediately, only to realize that you aren't as cool as you thought you were? And while waiting for the next woman to come along, which is taking much longer than expected, you get back with your old girlfriend for the time being just to fill the void and because she knows all the weird kinky things that you like? You'll both claim it's just casual and you're "just friends" but one of you is lying and the whole situation ends with someones car being keyed and a restraining order. 

Well, that's exactly what Saints fans were worried about when Reggie Bush and Kim Kardashian (KUSH) broke up. Unfortunately, rumors are surfacing that such a situation might be brewing as we speak. The Hollywood Gossip has the story (which I'm sure is completely accurate)...

"They are talking again and he is hopeful that she will agree to give it another go," said an insider.    

If the rumors are true and if this is the beginning of a long, drawn-out breakup, it begs the question: Will this effect Reggie's on-field performance? I certainly don't think so but it seems that whenever these stories pop up I am legally obligated, as a blogger, to raise this ridiculous topic. 

But gets better. Keeping in mind that this website is called "The Hollywood Gossip", check out how they end the short article:

In other Reggie Bush news: don't waste a high draft pick on him in fantasy football. He's an injury risk and Pierre Thomas is likely to receive a bulk of the Saints' carries.    

Ummmmm...I can't say that I totally disagree with that. Who the hell is writing this?