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Fantasy Football: Let's Do This!

Alright guys, it's time to get the ball rolling on Canal Street Chronicles' fantasy football! 

Based on initial interest, I've had four Fleaflicker leagues set up for everyone to play. Each league will have twelve teams. Each league currently has one CSC member already signed up and acting as commissioner. That means we have a total of forty-four spots open for anyone and everyone. If demand warrants the creation of another league, we can do so. Here are the four leagues for you to choose from:

  • Canal Street Chronicles Premier League - Commissioner: Saintsational - Draft time: 8/31/09 7pm
  • Canal Street Chronicles Who Dat League - Commissioner: Satchmo26 - Draft time: 8/30/09 7:00pm
  • Canal Street Chronicles Black and Gold League - Commissioner: Big and Easy - Draft time: 8/20/09 7pm
  • Canal Street Chronicles Fleur-di-Lis League - Commissioner: DeuceIsLoose26 - Draft time: 8/30/09 4pm
All draft times are Central Standard Time.

The password to enter each of these leagues is "dachronic".

To join a league, simply click the link above and sign your butt up. If you don't have a Fleaflicker account, you'll need to create one first. It's quick and easy. Go ahead and choose a league with a draft time that best suits your schedule. If none of the leagues draft times works for you, well, I'm sorry. I did my best. Each league is independently run by it's commissioner but the rules will be the same throughout. Any talk about possible tweaks or modifications can be discussed within the leagues message system but keeping the status quo is strongly encouraged.  

A special thanks to Satch, B&E and DIL for volunteering to be commissioner. You all owe them thanks as well because without them, there wouldn't be four leagues. 

Good luck to everyone. And remember, the important part is to have fun.