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A Few Things to Help You Get Through the Day

Ya'll are probably staring at the clock just counting down the seconds until this evening's game. To try and help the time pass a little bit faster for you and to get your a little bit more excited for tonight, here are today's tweets from some of the players, a few leftover links and a short inspirational video to get your blood pumping.

Also a reminder, don't forget about tonight's open game thread that will post at 6:30pm CST. In case you're a newer member, an open thread is when readers meet right here on CSC for the game. I post an official game thread and everyone uses the comment section to chat live about what's happening as the game unfolds. With automatically updating comments, it's just like a live chat room! In other words, come watch the game with all your Canal Street Chronicles friends tonight! It is especially helpful to those who live out of the area and cannot watch the game themselves.


SupaFreak69 gud morning...gameday.. ain't notin betta than gameday..

saints83 First step for the saints tonight. Also first step for Who Dat Nation, I know it's preseason but yall bring it tonight!

JeremyShockey in hotel room about to watch a movie to pass the time... wish the game was at noon

MalcolmJenkins Game day!!!... Get ready New Orleans!!!

Pierre_Thomas I love seeing the support from all our Saints fans! Ya'll are the best fans in the world! We appreciate ya - Who Dat!

GregBensel NFL Films rolling in 6 extra cameras tonight for Hard Knocks coverage of the Cincy Bengals

sharper42 What up folks it's the first preseason game tonight. Checks us out as we start our march to a championship.


Preseason Game 1 - vs Cincinnati - New Orleans Saints official website
Includes starting roster, injury report and notes.

New Orleans Saints cornerback Jason David fighting for his NFL life - Times-Pic

"No matter who you are, if you want to be a player in this league, you take the preseason pretty seriously," David said. "I don't look at my situation -- or if I even have a situation -- any differently than anybody else (on the roster)."

-Jason David

"I really try to not pay too much attention to (the depth chart)," David said. "I try to go out there and do my job and work hard and try to get better. You can't think about the other stuff. Coach Payton always says you're not really competing so much against teammates but against other players around this league. I'm going to try to keep that in mind."

-Jason David

"He has not one time pouted or sulked," Williams said. "He's done well."

-Gregg Williams

"It's important for me to see how physical he can play against big matchups,"

-Gregg Williams

"For me, Coach Williams is a dream coordinator," David said. "I'm excited about getting a chance to play in the scheme even during the preseason."

-Jason David

"This isn't my first rodeo," David said. "I've had first-rounders and second-rounders drafted after my first year at cornerback. Since then, I've just had this attitude, go out there and compete and don't worry about what the other guys are doing.

"I just want to go out and play ball. The more you focus on numbers or (thinking) they've got this guy coming in or that guy, that's going to hinder yourself and your game."

-Jason David

Saints-Bengals: Things to keep your eyes on -

New Orleans Saints running backs are on readers' minds in this Saints mailbag - Times-Pic


Finally, I leave you with this. I never get sick of this. Neither should you.