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Cincinnati Bengals @ New Orleans Saints: Post-Game Linkage


JeremyShockey thx everyone for the support... The dome was rocking.... Great season ahead...

MalcolmJenkins just got done with my first NFL game and i had a ball... now its time to spend some time with the fam and rest up

ltorrence24 Who dat! Who dat! We did our thing thang tonight, only better days to come!   


Preseason Game One Notebook - New Orleans Saints official website

Saints Down Bengals 17-7 in Preseason Opener - New Orleans Saints official website

Saints open preseason with 17-7 win over Bengals - WWLTV

Brees, Brunell sling Saints to win -Sun Herald


"I got a little tired," Vilma admitted. "I've got to get into game shape."

-Jonathan Vilma

"Could you tell?" he said. "I felt it. I felt all of that."

-Jonathan Vilma


Confusion with new tickets delays entry for thousands - Times-Pic

"It's a new ticket this year," Saints spokesman Greg Bensel said. "A lot of people did get in with the bar code properly torn, and some people didn't. The people who didn't were allowed in through gate A and they just tore the ticket.

"In the future fans should be more careful, look at the ticket and see where the perforation is. You have to include the bar code. Each ticket must have a bar code."

-Greg Bensel


Henry enjoys a homecoming - Times-Pic

"I was able to give our team a good look, make some plays, try and help our team get a win," Henry said. "It was big for me because I had a lot of family and friends at the game. I just wanted to have a good game so they could have a good time."

-Chris Henry


Saints joined in pursuit of Brooks - Times-Pic

"There's nothing magical about tomorrow," Loomis said at halftime of the Saints' 17-7 exhibition victory against the Cincinnati Bengals on Friday night at the Superdome. "We just said we wouldn't do anything before tonight."

-Mickey Loomis  


Saints defense keys on turnovers - The Advocate

Saints clamp down - The Advocate

"I told the team that I was pleased with a few things. I was pleased with how we played defense and how we created some turnovers," Saints coach Sean Payton said. "I was pleased with how we finished the game in that final drive with the backup players. They did a good job in there.

"But there are a number of things we’ve got to do better.  We have to capitalize on field position, especially that first one, and come away with points. I thought we were sloppy with the ball. It was on the ground too much."

-Sean Payton

"We gave up some passes and we certainly gave up some big plays, but I thought we responded pretty well and created some opportunities for our offense," Payton said. "We’ll get some of those things cleaned up."

-Sean Payton

"I thought the defense moved around well and played with good energy. We were physical," Payton said. "Fortunately for us, it’s just the first preseason game because we’ve got a lot of work to do."

-Sean Payton


Cincinnati Bengals Coach Marvin Lewis found positives from the game - Times-Pic

"That's the thing where we need to have more consistency out of Chris," Lewis said. "I let him play a little longer tonight just to get those (drops) out of him. He's had some drops in practice. If he is going to help us at all, he needs to be more consistent so we can count on him all of the time."

-Marvin Lewis, on Chris Henry


New Orleans Saints beat Cincinnati 17-7 in the first exhibition game of the 2009 season - Times-Pic

Handwerger: Saints pick up win, but have plenty to improve on - WWLTV

Saints: Observations from the Bengals game -

 Jeff Duncan: New Orleans Saints' Jeremy Shockey at full speed is good stuff - Times-Pic

"That's a play we practice all the time," Shockey said. "Drew made a great pass and I was fortunate to come down with it."

-Jeremy Shockey

"With Drew Brees you're never covered," he said. "If the defender has his back turned, you can bet he's probably going to unload the ball."

-Jeremy Shockey

"It's a blessing just to be healthy," Shockey said. "Last year I was injured at this time. Everyone on this team has been putting in a lot of hard work, and it was good to show everyone a taste of what this offense can do."

-Jeremy Shockey

"He's someone that can definitely dominate between the hashes," Saints wide receiver Marques Colston said. "He's done that throughout his career, and we got a glimpse of that today."

-Marques Colston

"I try to be into the game as much as I can," Shockey said. "Even those guys that are in there aren't with the first unit, you can always give them advice. "It was a lot of fun out there," he added.

"It didn't feel like a preseason game. It felt like a regular-season game

. -Jeremy Shockey


John DeShazier: New Orleans Saints defense achieves objective despite glitches against Cincinnati Bengals - Times-Pic

 New Orleans Saints defeat Cincinnati Bengals 17-7 in exhibition opener - Times-Pic





Jeff Duncan's New Orleans Saints Video Log, Bengals-Saints preseason game
Post Game Comments, Saints vs. Bengals



Drew Brees Press Conference Transcript

From the New Orleans Saints official website

Could you talk about that third drive of the offense and going back in the game?

"I was hoping that I would get a chance to go back in - I think the entire first group was hoping that. We felt pretty unfulfilled after that first quarter; I think we only played seven or eight plays and were obviously disappointed that we weren't able to get any points after the defense turned it over inside the Bengals' five-yard line on that fumble return by (Jonathan) Vilma and we weren't able to get anything going on that second drive on that second drive either. So it was good for us to get a drive going - kind of bang, bang, bang and get a touchdown - that's really what we were looking for in the huddle prior to that.

"On the touchdown to (Jeremy) Shockey, that's just one of those match-up things where I feel like I like our guy over their guy. That's just the middle linebacker trying to run down the middle of the field. (Shockey) knows that ball is coming; he knows where I'm trying to put it. Obviously there's a big trust factor there and it's something that we've been working on."

Does having a season behind you with Jeremy factor into that trust and chemistry?

"For Jeremy, I know that last year was a disappointing season and also a frustrating one for the majority of it where he was not quite right. Coming in and learning a new offense and a new set of dynamics within the team and finding a role - I love what I've seen from Jeremy this offseason. We're really starting to get on the same page and I think that play in particular was evident of that."

What do you like about this team?

"Our management - Mr. Benson, Mickey Loomis, our scouting department - have done a great job of bringing in the type of guys that we have here. Character guys, but also wise, veteran players. If you look at our roster, we're as veteran a team as we ever have been. We have a lot of guys that have played in big games and know what it's like to be a professional, to prepare, to take care of your body, to do all those things that you need to do in order to be successful and be a championship-caliber team and I think that's rubbing off on the young guys as well. What's special about this team is the type of character that we have and the experience that we've gained through the last three seasons, and especially the last two seasons because a lot of times disappointment allows you achieve great things in the future because of what you've learned from that disappointment. The last two years of not making the playoffs and that has been disappointing. All in all, that will help us achieve what we're going to achieve this year."

What does it mean to see Jonathan Vilma hustling to make those plays early in the game?

"That's that swagger and that confidence level that the defense has gained and is playing with. This has been competitive an offseason and training camp that I've ever been a part of - just the offense and defense going at each other every day. I think in the end that has made us all better and defensively that has given them a swagger and every time they step on the field, they have a chip on their shoulder and something to prove."