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New Orleans Saints Waive Jason David


It seemed like this day would never come. The New Orleans Saints have finally parted ways with much maligned cornerback Jason David. You may remember David from such forgettable plays as this one...



...or this one...


...even this one...



...and lastly, his most favorite position, "The Ankle Biter"...



But remember, through all the crap that fans put him through and harsh words we had for him during his time here in New Orleans, he never once complained and took it all in stride. For that, I have great respect. I wish him the best of luck wherever he lands and I truly hope some team out there can and will find at least a modicum of value in him. In the meantime, we should all try and forget the bad memories and choose to remember him for this, his most memorable moment...

Goodbye Jason David. You will not be missed.