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Canal Street Chronicles: Fleur-de-Links 8.18.09

With all the exciting Jason David news yesterday, we never really covered the happenings of yesterdays practice. Here is everything is you need to know to catch up. 


Pierre_Thomas WHO DAT NATION!! The Dome sure was rockin Friday night - cant wait for Sept 13 against the Lions! We're getting after it, hard work pays off

MalcolmJenkins Back at it

jeffduncantp Writing was on the wall for David after Williams' post-prax comments yesterday. Fassitt is a Grambling product who was on Bears PS in 2007

jeffduncantpAccording to my calculations the David release will save Saints $2.075M in cap space.

usama_young28 preciate all the shout-outs from everyone

wwltvsports 12 plays, 3 td's in goal line. All came on 1st-&-goal from 3; 1 by pass

MalcolmJenkins Out to eat with the DB's

SupaFreak69 night sum popeyes to Houston tomorrow

reggie_bush Last night in training camp can't wait to be able to stay at home! Man camp has been tough this year but humbling! Time to win!

reggie_bush I know the New Orlean Saints haven't been good historically but I can assure times are changing! We layed out the foundation last 3 years

Harp41 last night in training camp-been a tough camp but great! SO ready for the season!

MalcolmJenkins bout to be knocked out


 News and notes from New Orleans Saints practice Monday - Times-Pic


During the fourth play of goal-line drills, Bell appeared to be on his way to scoring on a run that he started inside and then bounced outside around the left end. But Shanle ran down the line and grabbed Bell by the back of the shoulder pads just as he was about to turn toward the end zone. The play ended in a 2-yard loss.


New Orleans Saints look forward to working against Houston Texans - Times-Pic

"These workouts are going to be very important because we still have to get better and there are still some things that we need to work on," offensive tackle Jammal Brown said. "Seeing a new opponent, a new face, it's always good to block a new face. That's always good. We look forward to going over there, putting our skills on the table and just getting better."

-Jammal Brown  


Jason David's knack for making, giving up big plays defined his time with New Orleans Saints - Times-Pic

"He wasn't happy with the move. But I know that his career's going to go on, and he's going to do well," said Young, who couldn't specify what didn't work for David in New Orleans. "I always looked at it like, 'This guy's quick, he likes to get in there and tackle.' Sometimes he made the play and sometimes he didn't. And you know, that hurts, because we're in the business where you've got to perform on a consistent basis."

-Usama Young


Kristian: STC Day 18 / Practice 1 - WWL 

David departure from Saints inevitable -

Video: Kincaid: Cutting David shows depth of Saints' secondary - WWLTV

Training Camp, Day 19: Defense wins goal line, though offense does score - WWL

Deke: Lynell Hamilton -The missing piece? - WWL

"I am much more comfortable out there now, and I can see the difference. There is a chance for me now to play and have a part on this team. I am looking forward to that and I'm going to give it all that I've got everyday."

-Lynell Hamilton

"I think I bring some good things to the table. I played some full back my last year in college, so in think I'm a real good blocker. And, I know how to protect real good."

-Lynell Hamilton

"Being in an offense that passes the ball the majority of time I have good hands. And I feel like I have real good sense of vision, and I am a power back. That's what you're going to get out of me."

-Lynell Hamilton

"I know how the Saints are and they're going to put the best on the field no matter what. That's motivation for me. Coach Payton says that there are different paths to get on this team and he's going to play the best."

-Lynell Hamilton

"That gives me confidence, and I think the coaches are getting more comfortable with me and that gives the drive to work even harder."

-Lynell Hamilton

"Coaches have told me that I've always been a back that can get the extra yards after contact. I am improving my overall game each day."

-Lynell Hamilton

"Yes. I can see myself helping in the backfield and on special teams. I will do whatever it takes to make this team."

-Lynell Hamilton




Jason David Cut